Why Purchase at Andes Store?

Why Purchase at Andes Store? We have the best items from Peru.

  • Best Quality and Selection
  • Efficient Customer Assistance
  • True Rate Shipping
  • Free Argument solution

Here at Andes Store we are devoted to assisting you with outstanding alpaca apparel and regional art from Peru. All items are available to ship, delivering the fantastic products.

From pre-purchase to beyond, Andes Store is ready to help. We will resolve any questions you have.

Andes Store is responsible for shipping products with accurate shipping costs and safe carriers.

If your item(s) is damaged in transit, Andes Store will ship a new one out immediately. Please be aware that when you buy fragile products it is important to read the delivery instructions emailed to you after order completion.

Andes Store provides custom made items according to client and needs six weeks to delivery, from workshop to customer door. The international shipping cost will be shared 50% with Andes Store.

Why Purchase at Andes Store, Peru