Harvest of flowers in Tarma

This painting from Peru features an up-close image of a harvest of flowers. Inspired by Juan Morit, from Tarma flower's farmers. He paints this intense composition, employing the impressionist style. He uses broad, firm strokes of the brush to suggest the image of the flowers while allowing the viewer to imagine their own interpretations. Product ID: 567921 Items Details:
  • 23 in H x 23 in L x 1.00 in D.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Frame Fine cedar wood
$220.00 $105.00

Native Parrots at Jungle

These bright and playful ornament painted by Peruvian artist Juan Morit, he inspired on parrots "guacamayo, and papagallo" Amazonas birds into sun is hiding on the jungle, bring the tropics into your home with these delightful birds. Product ID: 341202 Product Details: 12 in H x 14 in L x 1.00 in D    
$95.00 $47.25