Alpacas in Peru

Inca nation, before Spain culture. Peru has a long history in textiles dating 5,000 year. The ancient artisans started weaving alpaca wool for alpaca clothing. Opulent fiber worn by Inca elite is home to 90% of the global alpaca population, where they in the Andes mountain at the altitudes of more than 3,000 meters. Andes mountains is appropriate location for alpacas.

  • Alpaca are also prized for their inherent attributes:
  • Their fibers naturally come in a variation of 22 colors.
  • They are also incredibly soft, and cause no allergies.
alpaca wool clothing handmade in Peru
Sheared Alpacas on the Andes


Types of Alpaca

The beauty of the alpaca is different. There are two breeds:

Huacaya: fiber is short, dense, and crimpy, shorn yearly.

Suri: Fiber is silky, no crimp, clings together, shorn every two years.

alpaca wool clothing handmade in Peru
Two types of races

Alpaca Clothing Confection

After has been woven on the loom the textile, next is cutting and molding according to design of jackets.

alpaca wool clothing handmade in Peru
Weaving and Molding

Finished Alpaca Clothing

Alpaca clothing, wool jacket, made in San Pedro de Cajas, Junin Peru.

alpaca wool clothing handmade in Peru
Finished jacket