Peruvian Hand Made Items

Costum made jacket from Fine alpaca Fiber

Inca legacy since ancient culture in textile appeared, the textured alpaca wool jacket in San Pedro de Cajas, Peruvian Andes town distinctive patterns became known around the world. Today, from tourist shops to fashion shows, one can find jackets woven based on loom, that were invented by grandmothers and great-grandmothers all generations.

Alpaca Wool Sweater

From Peruvian artisan Hermilinda Mestas from Juliaca Puno Peru comes this attractive hoodie sweater. Made from alpaca wool, the black-colored long sleeves. Decorative llama at the front complete the design. The hoodie is lightweight and soft, making it perfect.

Alpaca Wool Poncho

Isidoro C’cahuantico from Cusco replicates Inca legacy for the elegant design of this warm alpaca wool poncho. Woven in hues of intense light brown, the poncho maintains its artistry.

Men’s Sweater

Classic in its handsome good looks, this sweater emulates a jacket. Litezia Rodriguez originally from Puno-Peru work in luxurious alpaca wool to create a men’s cardigan that zips up the front.

Cotton Backpack

Mario Rojas and Family of artisans from Peru handcraft this roomy and versatile backpack woven on the loom. Hues in green, the body of the backpack is an organic 100% cotton the spacious main compartment is lined in snow white fabric and adjustable.

Peruvian Cotton Dress

From Peru Perfect fashion, this fresh turquoise dress is designed by Jose Garcia. The slip on dress is sewn of modal, a cotton fiber that is cool to wear on warm weather days, easy to care for, and practically wrinkle free


Retablos from Ayacucho

Colorful doors open on to the Chapel, where expressive figures celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Donato Arce portrays his characters in traditional Andean attire, as a sense of divine luminosity gracefully descends upon the scene. This form of Peruvian folk art is known as the retablo, especially characteristic of the Ayacucho region. The wooden frame is crafted by hand, while the artisan fills the shelves with tiny ceramic figures painted to joyous perfection

Andes Instruments

An instrument dating back to the Inca Empire, this panpipe features eleven reed tubes of graduated length are bound by colorful textiles. Known as a zampoña, this traditional Andean panpipe is handcrafted by Urbano Huanca

Selecting the reeds according to size, Huanca sands them and aligns them with precision. They are held in place with nylon monofilament and covered with synthetic fabric. A matching fabric case is included; it emulates pre-Hispanic textiles.